Offers degrees according to the prescriptions of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) and the Association of Salesian Institutions for Higher Education (IUS)
Advocates Information Literacy to initiate kids early on to the competencies needed in the Information Age
Offers a 15-month technical-vocational training certificate course consisting of a 10-month "in-center" training and 5-month supervised "in-plant" training
Offers a unique dual curriculum of academic and technical subjects


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October 16-18
GS Quarterly Exams


October 19
College Semestral Break


October 24
Submission of Final Grades to Registrar (12:00 NN)


October 27
Issuance of 1st Semester Grades for All Year Levels


October 27-28
HS Quarterly Exams


October 28-30
Petition for Opening of Special Classes


October 28
Enrollment for 2nd Semester (ACT/CS/IT)


October 29
Enrollment for 2nd Semester (CPE/ECE/ME)


October 30
Enrollment for 2nd Semester (Entrep/Arch)


October 28-30
GS Intramurals


November 1
All Saints' Days


November 2
All Souls' Days


November 4
Start of 2nd Semester Classes


November 4-6
Adding/Changing/Withdrawing of Courses


November 7
Last Day for Late Payment


November 17
Submission of Residence Hours and Teacher's Program


November 27
Deadline for Completion of Incomplete Grades for 1st Semester 2014-15


November 30
Bonifacio Day

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  • DBTC gears up for 60th Anniversary
  • Marking a golden milestone
  • Killer tips from the Pros
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    What's up with DBTC this November


    Rector's Blogs


    Pan de la Semana

    Kalakbay at Katoto

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    2014 Natatanging Bosconian: 
    Dr. Cluster C. Deocaris          

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